Wednesday, May 25, 2011

time flies

I would like to issue an official statement to the bird community:
This morning your message was received loud and clear. It is apparent that this was a deliberate assault, and you should prepare for retaliation. One splat might be an accident (we've all been there). But fiteen? No. You planned this.
I cannot imagine what I or my automobile have done to provoke such drastic measures. Perhaps it's my dog's fondness for chasing your kind that prompted the attack. You should know that Ollie does not have the aversion to poop that most others do. He will be intrigued at least and ecstatic at most when he sees the new design on our car. I, however, am neither intrigued nor ecstatic, but instead livid with your thoughtless actions.
It's too late for apologies. Counterattack plans are in the works. I've played Angry Birds and know what I'm up against.
You have been warned.


  1. This Thanksgiving, spare the innocent. Eat a pigeon.

  2. Love Andy's comment. Seriously though - Boo to the birds. Let Ollie loose.


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