Thursday, May 19, 2011

somebody told me

I try not to brag on my blog. It's unbecoming. But somethings I just can't not share. So I'm sorry for the jealousy you are about to feel. I guess we can't all be amazing like me.
When I was working as a bagger at Harmons Grocer, the managers decided to hold a bagging race. All baggers were to compete, and be judged not only on speed but technical skills (proper placement of items in the bag). Well guess who placed first in the paper bagging competition...yeah. Believe it. If I remember correctly, I won a gift certificate for $30 worth of groceries. At the time I was in high school and living with my parents, so I didn't have much need for such a certificate. And though I don't remember what I did with the prize, lets assume I gave it to someone in need (I probably lost it). Greater than the gift certificate, however,  was the huge boost in pride. To this day I hold my head higher, and when I watch some wannabe  put my bread in the bottom of the bag, I maybe feel a little bit superior knowing I could do it better.


  1. A) you are such an amazing writer it makes me die
    B) I'ma call you in a week so we can get together. aaaaaaand you can meet paul....


  2. I had to comment because I laughed so hard.

    ...I laughed so hard.

  3. Britt, YES.
    L, please comment. I bas my self esteem on comments.


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