Tuesday, May 10, 2011

doo da dippity

Stephen and I went and saw Jane Eyre. A few seats down from us was another couple, about thrity years older. It wasn't more than twenty minutes before the husband starting expressing his confusion. "Where is she?" he'd ask louder than he meant to. "Who started that fire?" Dude was really not getting it, and despite his wife's best efforts she could not keep him quiet, bless her heart. When exiting the theater, our new friend nearly tumbled down the stairs. Apparently he had had a few before the show. I understand getting drunk before Fast Five or Thor, but a dry British period piece consisting almost entirely of dialog? It was also only 6:00. And Provo. So yeah.

In an unrelated but awesome note, the store down the street from my office is named Humphrie's Taxidermy. Sounds like even more fun than a drunken viewing of Jane Eyre.


  1. okay. not to be, like, a stupid city girl. But I'll see people completely plastered by 10:00 in the morning on a regular basis during the week. And bottomless mimosa brunches every weekend = people stumbling through the streets before the breakfast menu has changed at mcdonalds. inebriation at any hour of the day no longer surprises me. 6:00 is like, prime happy hour, that's really respectable here, even if this guy drove home, he's probably still considered to be drinking responsibly.

  2. Yes, but you're not in Provo watching Jane Eyre. It was weird.


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