Monday, May 9, 2011

ranting and raving

I guess it was our fault. We left our puppy Ollie home alone longer than usual. So he slept longer than usual, and then was not ready to sleep at his normal bedtime. Understandable. "He'll just play for a while," we said. But Ollie is not a solitary kind of puppy. He has no fun at all unless there is a person throwing a ball or rubbing his ears. He's pretty needy. And if he's not being paid the full attention, he feels he deserves, he is incredibly vocal about it.
"Ollie go to sleep..."
Occasionally he was distracted with a toy or a shoe, and he'd be quiet just long enough for Steohen and I to drift back into dream land, then
This went on until 4:00 am. As it turns out, Wee hours of the morning prove I'm not nearly the patient person I like to think I am. I never got physical or loud, I just got crazy illogical. I forgot that Ollie is a dog and neither speaks nor understands the English language.So I started lecturing.
"You are being very inconsiderate. I'm running a race in the morning and I need to get to sleep. This is not how a good puppy acts. Please go to sleep." At this point I was getting weepy. Which for some reason, sort of worked. And he went to sleep. Three hours of sleep and an Excedrin later, I ran the race. No harm no foul, and now  Ollie the puppy understands that a woman's tears mean serious business.


  1. Oh Meg, it sounds to me like your dear sweet baby Ollie is growing up and hitting the "pre-teen" years. For this I am sorry. But you can at least be grateful that he is not a girl. I wish you the best of luck.

  2. That's true. At least he didn't want to talk about his feelings.


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