Monday, May 23, 2011

good good

I'm never more split-personality then when making a big purchase. Over the weekend I purchased an ipad. The inner dialog in my brain was text book pschysophrenic, and went as follows:

-I've been working full time for a year. I deserve this.
-That's what you said about those boots in October. And the puppy in February.
-Obviously, I need to keep rewarding myself.
-You do realize that most people work to feed their families, right?
-Yes, but...
-Is this really the most financially sound decision?
-Yes. See there's this app that will help me balance finances.
-And you plan to use that app?
-Not really.
-Do you know how many children in Africa you could feed for the cost of the ipad?
-Stop it.
-Do you know how many pairs of shoes you could buy?
-You're the worst.
-Shouldn't you be saving?
-It's an investment.
-Shut up.

Then I just went for it. Of course I also had to go for the keyboard and the case and seven pairs of shoes plus I don't know how many starving African children later, I was a confused ipad owner. I nearly threw up on the car ride home. But then I drew this and felt better.


  1. I recently made a big purchase too. I've lost a few nights of good sleep over the guilt... but oh boy is it fun to have a new toy when the morning comes!

  2. I've been wrestling with the want of an iphone for months. i've had the same phone for nearly 5 years, I deserve it. Oh, but I don't have a job. I should be rewarded for even getting up in the morning, right?

  3. Courtney, it's the ultimate guilty pleasure.
    Rachael, you should.
    And thanks, Jazzy E!


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