Monday, May 16, 2011


Kids are the best. Most kids. I know there are some kids like Sid on Toy Story, but most kids are super great.
We took Ollie to a park yesterday so he could run off his energy. It wasn't long before three children approached us. I love that. I love that there was no hesitation. If I saw a puppy running in a park, I would think "I really want to play with that puppy." I would spend the next half an hour watching the puppy from across the park, wishing I had the nerve to walk over there. But not these kids. They immediately began petting Ollie, throwing the ball, and racing the puppy. Then they started telling stories. Every story the knew about every dog they had ever known. There were three children, each telling about three stories, all at once. It went sort of like this:

"My uncle, when I lived in Idaho, he had a dog"
"Can I pet him?"
"Don't give your dog a lemon"
"This guy hated dogs and loved cats"
"I want to throw the ball"
"And he knew how to rollover"
"Lemons make dogs mean"
"He would move cats out of the street, but run over dogs"
"So mean that they try and attack people"
"He's so soft"
"He ran over our dog"
"Paulie is a pomeranian"
"My mom sued him"
"Will he bite me?"
"But we shaved him"

It went on for a while. We tried to respond, but were mostly just mystified by their ability to fire off anecdotes. Then suddently they rode away on their razor scooters. They disappeared just as quickly as they appeared. Like thiefs in the night, but actually kids in the day.

My brother says he likes the old blog header better. Do you agree? Please. I need your input. My blog's livelihood depends on it.


  1. i'm claiming neutrality. mostly because i'm having trouble remembering what it looked like.

  2. Love this--it's a laugh out loud post. Well, they're pretty much all laugh-out-loud posts. I like the old header better.

  3. old blog header.

  4. old blog header for sure. i also really liked the one before last.


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