Wednesday, May 18, 2011

have you seen her all in gold?

I have an undiagnosed condition and I'm not sure if there's a cure. Any time I speak, am spoken to, meet anyone new, see an old friend, or even make eye contact, my face turns bright red. It wouldn't be such a problem if blushing weren't associated with love. But it is. So everyone I talk to most likely thinks I'm madly in love with them. Coworkers, friends, fellow church attenders, librarians, cashiers, hair dressers, salesmen, saleswomen, waiters, neighbors, dogs, etc. I've tried thinking about snow. I've tried underdressing so I'm only cold. But no. My body heat rises by what must be a hundred degress, and I become the tomato-faced conversationalist.


  1. whenever i face any kind of confrontation i tear up. like when i started french immersion classes in paris and the teacher called on me and i didn't know what to do, i teared up. i don't ever full-on CRY but man it's an embarrassing habit.

  2. You got this from your father.


  3. This happens to me ALL THE TIME.
    I'm glad I'm not the only one. It makes me wish I was really really tan, so maybe it wouldn't be so horribly obvious.
    This is very difficult when I have to constantly speak to people at work.

  4. there's a surgery where they clip some nerves in your armpit that can cure that problem

  5. I think I'd rather have a red face than a clipped nerve in my armpit.


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