Thursday, May 26, 2011

let you down

The dermatologist looked at the spot on my face and said,
"It doesn't look like cancer...yet."
There is nothing worse to say to a hypochandriac. I already think that every zit is the beginning of a tumor and every bruise a symptom of some incredibly rare disease that starts with bruising and ends in death and I'm the only case in the Northern Hemisphere.
Dr. Saystoomuch only made it worse by adding,
"You're still young."
Which I interpreted to mean: it's not cancer now, but with every passing year the once harmless spot will turn real nasty and eventually be your demise. Age will not only bring wrinkles and weight gain and a loss of interest in the music you once loved, but also a killer blemish.
Good luck.


  1. and with every year will come a new drug. a better drug. until then, nordstrom has a fantastic make-up counter :)

  2. Your wisdom never fails to calm me down.


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