Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Bacon Maple Sunday

The old picture is back. What can I say? I married my ex-boyfriend. Sometimes it just takes a period of separation to feel good about a spouse or blog header.

Now, a confession.
Once a month for the past year In Style has arrived in our mail. But it's not our mail. The subscription belongs to one Robin Gnesa. I don't know Robin. I don't know where she lives. I don't know if she's missing In Style. Each month I keep the magazine. I like In Style. I know that it's Skipper to the Vogue Barbie, but honestly I always preferred Skipper. She was more relatable, because I knew I would never be a curvy woman like Barbie, and would always resemble little sister Skipper. I was an incredibly self-aware and body concsious child.

Plus, In Style is readable and full of fun tips, while Vogue is boring and condescending. For example, I bought one of those hipster-eque straw hats. I know that In Style will help me learn how to accessorize appropriately. Vogue will make me feel bad that I don't have the $300 hat and that I haven't lost those five pesky pounds yet.
How grave is my sin? Am I committing a felony? Should I immediately delete this post, create a fake passport and go into hiding in Iceland?
More importantly, does Hell fire await?
Robin Gnesa, if you're reading, I'm sorry. I have your magazines. Feel free to come pick them up anytime. I assume you know the address.


  1. Seriously, I feel so swanky when I buy a Vogue but that is the only satisfaction I get from it. The content is horrible. InStyle is the way to go even if you are stealing it ;)

    I think this is why Anna Wintour gets so much crap. She really can't relate to real women and I think that she is driving Vogue into the ground. It will fail eventually if it doesn't change, which is what happened to Gourmet Magazine, Conde Nast's other publication that made people feel bad about themselves.

  2. Perhaps if you change YOUR name to Robin Gnesa it will alleviate your guilt?



  3. Marcilyn, totally.
    Pearl, I'm afrain I wouldn't be able to pronounce my own last name.


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