Wednesday, October 21, 2009

What's up, Brooklyn?

Sometimes people ask me why I'm not married. Which is weird. I usually respond with "I don't know." This is a lie. I do know.
I'm not married because today, for the third week in a row, I forgot that Wednesday is garbage day and rolled our cans into the street only after I heard the truck drive by. The cans will remain on the street until next Wednesday.
I'm not married because today I got hungry and drove to my family's home and ate left-over spaghetti. I also stole three cans of diet coke. (Yeah that was me).
I'm not married because it's 1:58 pm and I'm under the covers writing a blog and youtubing Lil' Wayne. "I'm a gangsta Miss Katie"
I'm not married because the only thing I've successfully cooked in 3 months is muddy buddies.
And finally, I'm not married because I'm ok with all of this. Maybe that's bad.


  1. i'm not married because half of my closest confidants are felines.

  2. I still remember the first time someone asked me that... didn't really know what to do with it... maybe I'll make a list like this too. could come in handy.

  3. i still dr. peppers from my parents house on a daily basis.

  4. But Meg, you're pretty!!! I just don't understand what's wrong with those boys!!!

    (That's one of my favorites... when people are confused why pretty girls aren't married. As far as I'm concerned, pretty=marriageable, right?)

  5. Don't get married. In the words of Jon's grandpa. Even better: don't have kids, get dogs. And then get ride of the dogs.

  6. your blog makes me laugh. so random. so honest. so brilliant. i'm not married because i fell in love with a jew who wanted to be a rabbi while i was living in provo surrounded by good mormon boys. how did i manage that one? oh, and i love netflix and sundance too much.

  7. meg hehe i love you, this made me laugh so hard. my mom still buys me clothes from laura ashley, i think that's why i'm not married :D


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