Tuesday, October 20, 2009

I'm glad I'm a man. And so is Lola.

Years ago I saw an episode of Oprah. Not that it was the only episode of Oprah I have ever seen, or that I haven’t seen other episodes since, but years ago I saw a particular episode of Oprah. Her guest of choice for said episode was a renowned Dietician. I was soon bored, as hearing “eat right and exercise” stated in so many different ways for an hour failed to enlighten. But then he posed a question that truly stood out. Speaking to a crying obese woman, he said, “Are you eating to live, or living to eat?” At the time I paused and reflected on my day’s caloric intake, wondering if I had enjoyed the cookie at lunch just a bit too much. But today the question, slightly altered, haunts me for a different reason. Lately I’ve had to ask myself “Am I writing to live, or living to write?” I recognize that very few people write to live, if any, but it sure is dramatic worded like that. In responding to my own query, I hang my head and admit that more often than not, I am living to write.


  1. a few thoughts: literature aside, you have singers, film writers, newspaper and magazine people, etc, who write to live.

    and also, eating is about so much more than surviving. it doesn't have to be the only reason we exist, but it's not abnormal for the emotional highlight of my day to happen with food. I mean, other people are there, and that's what makes those moments meaningful, but still. eating and tasting and feeding are about way way more than just survival.

    but I've never liked oprah.

  2. That dietitian might make me feel guilty about the Mounds bar AND pack of red vines I just ate....

    And then I ask myself, and I reading this blog to live, or living to read this blog?

  3. i like this. not that we shouldn't enjoy the food we eat, but that maybe we don't need to eat an entire cake in a week (like i did last week) to be able to enjoy it.

    i've come up with a new diet plan. everyone eat with chopsticks. you eat slower and get full faster! ima gonna make millions.


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