Friday, October 9, 2009

And every breath we drew was hallelujah

While peeling and slicing apples in the basement of her grandmother's home, Allie told me the entire storyline of the latest and the hottest young adult book series.

REDIKILUS. But, as most seemingly insignificant things do, it led me to think. Why is our outlook on the future so despairing? It seems that in the mind of every Science Fiction writer, the next century or two will bring events so catastrophic that we will be reduced to the state of the early Egyptian slaves, but instead of pharaohs cracking whips will be robots with laser beams. Or monkeys in snazzy jumpsuits. When's the last time you read a futuristic piece portraying the next stages of our world as a bright and happy place? There are no unicorns in the future. There are no rainbows in the future. Only human sacrifices and Spaceship warfare. It's a good message to send to the growing generation: your brain will inevitably be harvested and fed to the inhabitants of Jupiter, so don't bother with your algebra assignment.

Also, my professor is distractingly attractive. Yesterday I asked a question (one I spent all of class formulating). I have no idea what his answer was. All I know is that he smiled and tossed his hair.

Today i wrote a small segment excluding the letter e. What was that? You'd like to read it? No. No I can't. No really, you don't want to read it. Oh stop it you. It's silly. Ok fine.

Looking out on our land from high, all is lit with a rising sun,
casting a warm glow on roads and hills far down. Our group walks away,
trailing up toward Timp’s summit, and I cast a final longing look at
Provo, counting hours until food and hydration. Following a strong
boy, I fail to match his rapidity and fall into isolation. Though I
don’t mind, as all within sight brings abundant occupation of mind. A
small flood springing from nothing runs along my rocky path, making
hiking hazardous, and I think what might go wrong without company.
Slipping, lying, dying .

Sure it doesn't make a ton of sense, but fetch! No e's!


  1. Star Trek...nerdy? Yes. But also an optimistic outlook on the future of mankind (there are fights and stuff, but they are all with the crazy aliens that aren't as enlightened as us human folk) Plus, Patrick Stewart is there, and he's cool.

  2. Impressive. The no e thing. Although... I like the letter e. So don't make a habit of not using it (the letter e) plz. I mean plEasE.


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