Thursday, October 15, 2009

She says she wants diamonds, I took her to Ruby Tuesday.

Pirate Island. We should have known. But our curiosity got the better of us and we succumbed to our natural consumer tendencies. I thought maybe I was wrong in my premature judgments, assuming the worst. I'll never doubt myself like that again. Pirates+pizza=not delicious. El Azteca=delicious. Always. I'm not even a math major and I've got that all figured out.
I learned a term I really like today. "Unacknowledged Legislator". Like John Lennon. Or essentially anyone who creates art with influence. Do we have those anymore? I can't think of anyone one artist of our generation who stands out as a leader for a cause, unless it's the insane clown posse. Maybe we're too multifaceted. Or maybe we appreciate art for art now. A little more order to society, an appropriate time and place, etc. But that's boring isn't it? I'd rather a musician tell me how to think or act instead of anyone with real authority. Ok fine if we're being totally honest I'd rather be the musician who tells people how to think and act. Then finally suspenders and leisure suits will make a come-back.


  1. oh come on, the black eyed peas are ALWAYS standing for SOMETHING. even if it's just standing for getting it started.

  2. I am so upset about Pirate Island.

  3. Her comments were kind toward Pirate Island. The truth is that it was much worse than the picture she painted.


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