Monday, October 5, 2009

But you sat on your hands

For a while now, I've been anxiously waiting for the day when I'd have internet at home. I've dreamed of the activities that would once more be virtually available within the cozy walls of my picturesque room. The HBLL 5th floor is short on charm, and the character of the curtains, the bedspread, the red floor and Carl my pet Hermit Crab promise inspiration, while I sit in my pajamas with popcorn at hand. But...nothing. I have nothing to say to any of you. Dear readers, have we reached that point in our relationship? Have I told you everything there is to tell? Will we now spend meals avoiding eye contact, staring at uneaten peas on our plates, wondering how we ended up here? Will our conversations be reduced to small talk (or type as it were)? Is there Blog-couples counseling?


  1. Don't think you're pulling ME out of my bowling league on Tuesdays for your feelgoodery counseling!!

  2. baby I will do anything to make this work... if counseling is the answer, then I'm willing to do that.


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