Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Grab hold of your bootstraps

My scarf smells like froot-loops.

Every time my professor says "courtly love" I think he's saying "Courtney Love", and I wish he was, because it would certainly liven up our discussion of the Renaissance.

The cashier at El Azteca thinks I speak Spanish. And the last few times I've gone in she's only spoken to me in Spanish. I can understand, but i can't respond. I therefore come off as an arrogant, condescending jerk who refuses to communicate in the language more comfortable for her. I try to throw in as many graciases as possible, because I know how hard life is for the people she doesn't like. Namely, Allie. For some reason this woman hates Allie. She never announces Allie's order when it's ready, and the food will sit on the counter until we happen to check. Last time I walked by and she said "Here, your friend's food" and handed me the fish taco.

I walked home today to find a package on the front porch for our new roommate. It was a large package. "Omaha steaks" read the label. Awesome.


  1. i thought everyone loved allie? and if they don't they are clearly kidding themselves.

  2. Can we go to El Azteca when I come? Please please please!!

    I miss it almost as much as I miss you (and that's really saying something)...


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