Thursday, October 8, 2009

fated to pretend

Brenda has a bowl. It sits on her desk. In the bowl is an assortment of chocolate. Cheap chocolate. Chocolate that comes in an assortment bag from Costco. Hershey's minis, kit-kats, mini-Reeses cups, and bite size twix.
This morning I woke up happy, because it's Thursday. On Thursday I see Brenda and the bowl on her desk.
I'm at Smith's, buying one thing or another at least 13 times a week. I could easily pick up an assortment of cheap chocolate. I could even opt for a truly delicious treat, as I walk by the Provo bakery on the way to Brenda's desk.
But I think that would ruin Thursdays.


  1. remember when I used to see you and talk to you everyday? let's start that again, beginning now. or tomorrow.

  2. i always pass by the kitchen at work and peek in just to see if anyone brought donuts. or better yet, if someone brought in something homemade. mmm cake pops.


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