Friday, October 2, 2009

More fish in the sea

I often wish I was (were?) Harry Potter. No. I always wish I was (were?). And today I came one step closer.

Opening my copy of the novel we were discussing in class, I found written in the margin "Odysseus has boar-tusk wound".

Thank you Half-Blood Prince. I bet you loved my mom, huh?


  1. There was a patient at the hospital named James Potter that I was desperately hoping to visit, and at the same time hoping I wouldn't have to keep myself from saying, "So, you're Harry Potter's dead father?"

  2. In case you're wondering, in the editing world, it is technically "were," because your sentence was subjunctive. But in casual conversation, you're okay with "was." Haha.

    And I agree
    Let's go to the IC
    (poem of the day)

  3. Everyday I wish I was/were Hermione Granger. Some days I simply wish I was Emma Watson. Or at least Emma Watson's roommate. My sister and I have spent many a time discussing how amazing that would be. And then I start getting way too excited and then I realize it's not real and I come down from a high worse than speed.

    It's very depressing living in the real world.

  4. Your mother IS lovely

  5. I knew this day would come. It is time that we talk about your real parents…


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