Monday, October 19, 2009

Agnes, Agatha, Jermain and Jack

I made the mistake of eating lunch at the teca during Provo High's lunch break. I heard the following one table over:
"Wait, your mom is single?"
"Your mom is hot!"
"Shut up"
"No really. What if I married your mom?"
Then my phone rang and I stopped listening.

The older I get, the less of a priority showers become.

My Best Buddy has Fragile X Syndrome. Which is fascinating. It's just one small mutation in one X chromosome that changes everything about him. But that's true of all of us, isn't it? The effects aren't as drastic as they are with him, but so many small things make up us. Even if it's not DNA strands or chromosomes. The books we read, the people we meet, the songs we repeat, all shape us. So are we more ourselves everyday? Or are we just always changing?

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  1. Yesterday I had to take two showers to make up for missing two days. Showers are such a waste of time.


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