Friday, June 29, 2012

He hasn't met Ollie

Why does Wes Anderson hate dogs?

The only thing that motherhood has left me truly missing is movies. Actually buying a ticket and sitting in a theater. Before Miss I's arrival we spent our weekends seeing all the latest films. Since our baby's birth we've gone only when there's a grandparent around to babysit.
So imagine my excitement when I learned that our local AFI theater does special baby-friendly screenings on Fridays. Today it was:

I was so happy to be there that I cried during every preview. I wish I was exaggerating.
Although I was in and out calming a fussy Ivy more than what would have been ideal, I loved it.
Just when I thought Mr. Anderson was starting to get repetitive (I'm looking at you, Darjeeling), he pulls this off. It was such a joy to watch.  And while it was still very Wes Andersony, with the halted dialog, the attention to details and the YELLOW, it felt fresh. It could be because the leads were 12 year-olds and the story played out like a fantasy we all had at twelve. It could be Edward Norton being so not Edward Norton, or Bruce Willis being so not Bruce Willis, or Tilda Swinton being so Tilda Swinton. It could be Bill Murray.

BUT WHY DOES HE KEEP KILLING DOGS? The Tenenbaum dalmatian, the 3-legged mutt in Steve Zissou, and now the helpless terrier. Not to mention the dogs poisoned via blueberries in Fantastic Mister Fox. Make it stop, Wes.

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