Wednesday, June 6, 2012

On why details matter, and why it pays to be observant

The food we had in the apartment consisted of trail mix, oranges and diet coke. All delicious, but put together did not a balanced meal make. So employing what I considered to be  stellar problem solving, I purchased some Whole Foods microwavable dinners (affordable! healthy! easy!) and proudly placed the chicken tikka masala and chicken curry packages in the fridge. A few hours later I pulled them out and went to place them in the microwave...which doesn't exist. Our apartment lacks a microwave, making the microwavable dinners still affordable and healthy, but no longer easy. After employing some slightly humbler problem solving, (throwing every part of both meals into one pot and heating the mixture on the stove), we were ready to eat. I pulled out the paper plates, the plastic cups and reached for the plastic utensils...which didn't exist. We had failed to pack or purchase silverware. And so, employing some down right ridiculous problem solving, we used a wooden spoon and a spatula to move rice from plate to mouth, before just giving up and eating Oreos.
It's a good thing I"m not a boy scout because I'm always never prepared. That's probably not the only reason it's good I'm not a boy scout, just the most relevant reason today. 
FYI, spell  check does not recognize Oreos.

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  1. I had one of those dinners yesterday for dinner! except i had to use the microwave at work at eat while i walked to class. thankfully we had forks, otherwise that would have been downright embarrassing.


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