Monday, July 2, 2012

can't get no satisfaction

Our problem may have started when we made the maintenance guy had to unlock our apartment late at night because SOMEONE misplaced the keys. It was me. I misplaced the keys. 
When he showed up at 11:00, half of his hair was in braids and the other half had a comb stuck in it. We had obviously interrupted, and though he was as nice as can be expected of someone who is pulled away from doing their hair at bed time, I realize now that he made a note of us and decided to get his revenge. Cause here's what happened a few days later:

This appeared on our bathroom ceiling.


We put in a maintenance request. Six hours later the maintenance guy, now with a complete head of braids, got to work. An hour later he said, "I'll be back soon." Curious, I walked into the bathroom and found this.

Outside our front door I heard snippets of an argument. "I don't know how to fix it," someone said.

Another two hours later, Mr. Maintenance returned with a few pieces of cardboard and some packing tape. After "patching up" the enormous, gaping hole above the shower, he informed us that there was quite a bit more work to be done and he'd be in touch.

It's been a week. 
The tape isn't holding up so well. And, as it turns out, cardboard isn't a water resistant material.

I'll be surprised of we see this repaired before the end of the summer.
But potential health and safety hazards aside, this fun new bathroom decor is a welcome addition to the homey motif of our apartment alongside the diaper boxes we use for nightstands, the air mattress and the paper plates.

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