Sunday, June 3, 2012

Looks like we've made it

Yesterday I passed a man on the street. He was a sharply dressed man with a nice face. Nice, not only meaning handsome, but also kind. Five minutes later while I stood in line at 711, a sharply dressed woman with a nice face cooed at Ivy and offered to help while I struggled to fish my wallet out of the over-stuffed diaper bag. Another 5 minutes later I walked by sharply dressed man talking to sharply dressed woman, and I overheard her say, "My number is..." and it made me  extremely happy. I hope that they get married and have sharply dressed, nice faced babies.

In other news, we made it to Maryland in one piece (or three, I guess) and only slightly worse for the wear.

Kansas was flat.

Missouri was green.

The Rushforths took us in when we reached Maryland, and have not stopped helping us since we arrived.

DC is spectacular.


  1. yay! so excited for you guys! I hope we go somewhere cool when Joey has his summer internships next year.

  2. well. I have Barry Manilow stuck in my head now. Thanks for nothing.

    and welcome to the best place in America.


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