Monday, June 18, 2012

He was a diplomat's son.

"Hello princess! Aren't you adorable!," the strangers squeal at Ivy. I've done my best to teach Ivy proper manners, but at 4 months old she can never seem to remember to say "Hello!" or "Thank you!" (we're working on it.) And so it falls on me to answer. The nice people on the street and in the metro are not telling me that I'm a princess or that I'm adorable. But they need to be thanked for their kindness, so I have to respond, right? Or should I just wait for Ivy to respond? Maybe she'll surprise me. She'll speak up and say "Why thank you! I am a princess! I was switched at birth. Help me! Find my real mother the queen!" And I'll say "Hush, sweetheart" and I'll stick the binky in her mouth and say, "Kids say the darndest things" and walk away and then the strangers will contact the authorities and there will be a massive investigation involving WAY too much paperwork and blood tests. 
Yeah, I think I'll just keep answering for the baby.

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  1. What if you told them that it's a boy, but he identifies as a girl? That might make things interesting.


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