Tuesday, June 26, 2012

And 5.

I'll start by explaining that Ivy is working on a couple of teeth and isn't in the greatest mood today. So when I tried to take some precious, smiley pictures, she gave me this.

And this.

And this.

Real cute, Ives.

Anyway, she's 5 months old today. And what a month this child has had. She deserves some sort of award or gift certificate or gold star for making it all the way across the county and three days in the car without ever losing her cool. I wish I could say the same for myself.
Ivy's visited all sorts of new and exciting places since we arrived in DC. She's mastered napping on the metro, napping at the zoo and napping at museums. She makes lots of friends on the street and in the elevator. Sometimes it's terrifying.
Ivy enjoys "singing." Loudly. In quiet places. It's a high pitched squeal that lasts longer than you'd think would  be possible.
She is constantly trying to sit up. She lifts her head and feet in the air, again longer than you'd think would be possible.
Today I set her on a blanket and looked away. I looked back five seconds later and she had rolled onto her tummy. It wasn't the first time she rolled over, but it was certainly the quickest.
She's ticklish. If you poke her tummy she gives you a series of bubbly giggles. It's ridiculously adorable.
She loves standing. She'll go from screaming to cooing just by being placed on her feet and held under the shoulders.
Lately she prefers Stephen. I'm okay with this. As long as her favorite person is one of her two parents and not some guy named Spike who drives a bullet bike, I'm cool.
I don't know her percentiles this month, but she's still really long and thin. We're hoping solids will fatten her up, if she ever decides to not hate solids, that is.

People keep warning us that Ivy will get more difficult as she gets older. I guess I'll have to see it to believe it because as far as I can tell she just gets better with age. Smarter, cuter, funnier.

And now Ivy would like to say something about her past 5 months:

Background squeaking courtesy of Sophie the Giraffe.

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