Thursday, June 21, 2012

Dr. Ivy Answers

Rachel in Maryland asks,
"Dr. Ivy- It's scorching out there. How do you recommend keeping calm, cool and collected in the summer heat?"

Dr. Ivy says,
"Rachel, readers, I'm about to share with you one of my greatest secrets. I do this because it's not fair for me to be so wise and not share my wisdom.  I have a trick I keep in my back pocket for times of distress like extreme heat or 90% humidity. Are you ready? Here it is...scream. Just scream. When discomfort hits, be it the aforementioned heat, a sudden pang of hunger or a damp diaper, I open my mouth, wail, and within seconds someone rushes to my side and fixes the problem. Like magic. When I'm cooled off or fed or given a clean diaper, you better believe I'm calm, cool and collected. So when you step outside into the oppressive heat, go ahead. Let out a good one. The louder the more effective, I find. And if you can muster up some tears, that helps too.
You're welcome.

Dr. Ivy

Dr. Ivy, The World's Greatest Expert

Editor's note: Dr. Ivy needs more questions. PLEASE.

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  1. Dr. Ivy, I've heard that babies don't see color for a while. Can you explain to me what your color vision is like?


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