Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Gentlemen, the final rose

Last night on the Bachelorette, Chris won a tin cup for bravery (because Emily felt bad that he was terrible at the highland games). But that's not what Chris called it. Chris called it "The Award for Bravery" "The Bravest Man Award" and then my favorite, "The Bravest Man Mug." It's like receiving a certificate of participation and calling it The Award For Most Excellent and Outstanding Participation Mug.

How much are we going to miss this guy?

Hey Ryan, can I borrow your top?

So much.
Don't worry guys, Ry Ry here is going to land on his feet. Maybe you haven't heard, or he hasn't told you in the last ten minutes, but he's athletic, successful, good looking, and owns turquoise shoes. Somewhere out there is the trophy wife he's looking for who will be totally cool with his list of twelve  requirements that he brings up on the second date. She can help him measure his neck circumference and shave triangles in his beard. ABC, please make this guy the next Bachelor. Please. 

Emily was bummed that Travis didn't take his shirt off, because as she put it, "I've been wondering, like, what's underneath that shirt?" It was at this point in the show that Stephen, who was "listening to music" and "not watching" laughed out loud. If I had to guess, Em, I'd say it's an abdomen under there. Is that unimaginative of me? 

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