Tuesday, June 5, 2012

gimmee that toot toot, beep beep

I've been honked at twice in my driving career. Both times it crushed me. But what made me feel even worse than being honked at, was the one time I honked at someone else. I immediately wanted to apologize. I think I cried. These feelings of honk induced shame are most likely due to the car culture in my land of origin, Provo, where one must commit a serious traffic sin to be scorned by a horn. So imagine my despair during our drive to and from the district the other day. Either Stephen is the worst driver ever, or people use their horns all. the. time. here. Someone honked while the light changed from red to green. I'm not exaggerating. So it's decided. If I can't take the metro or walk somewhere, I'm not going there.

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