Wednesday, August 31, 2011

all my friends were vampires

Yesterday we received roughly 1/5 of our deposit from the Provo apartment management company with the following letter:

"Additional cleaning at new residents request: kitchen cupboards, drwares (their spelling, not mine), sink, floor, behind appliances, oven, shower, tub, sink, medicine cabinet, etc 5 hours at $35 an hour. Total charge against refund: $426.53
Amount of Refund: $73.47"

This is outrageous for many reasons, since we passed our cleaning check, were constantly told how clean our apartment was, scrubbed the sink raw, blah blah blah. But what really gets my goat is that I spent five years and thousands of dollars on a college degree when it turns out that I could be making $35 an hour cleaning medicine cabinets. That's nearly double my current earnings. EDUCATION FAIL.


  1. that's how I paid for my education :) so sorry i didn't share that secret with you. Would you have changed your mind about your degree?

  2. 5 x 35 = 175 ...Math fail as well. Hope Colorado has been treating you guys well. Law school has been great, but I think I'm about ready to be done now.

  3. Ashton, you're always holding out on me.
    Tyler, math fail, spelling fail, we're working with idiots. We like Coloraddo, but I wish Stephen was in his 3rd year, not first.

  4. Our landlord sent us a piece of dirt "from our apartment" as "proof" that she really had to "do more cleaning." I don't know how a piece of dirt proves that our place wasn't spotless, but out landlords were nazis about clean, too. We spent a total of 80 man-hours cleaning our apartment and we're not at all messy (believe it or not)!


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