Thursday, August 18, 2011

attractive group

It's Stephen's birthday...woot! Listen, I love Stephen. That's why I married him. But the dude has his flaws, and today I'm going really focus on one in particular. Stephen is really terrible at celebrating his own birthday. I don't think he understands what birthdays are all about. They're about telling people weeks, if not months before, things that you've really been wanting lately. Stephen refuses to want anything. It's about planning a day entirely focused on you, from breakfast to bed time. Planning who will shower you with gifts and attention when, and deciding that maybe a second day of partying will be necessary. I've asked Stephen all week, "What do you want to do on Thursday?", and everytime he has replied "What's on Thursday." I don't think he's being coy. I think he really forgot about his birthday. Not only that, but he also forget what birthday this is. He legitimately believed he was turning 24. He's been 24 for the past 364 days. He made no demands for a seven-layer cake. He only wants ice cream. And the worst part? I doubt he's even checked facebook today. If there's any day to hit refresh every five minutes, it's your birthday.
I just don't know what to do with him sometimes.


  1. Justin is the same. It took months of dating before he would even tell me when his birthday WAS. For real. And they think they're being low maintenance by refusing to want things, but it makes gift shopping so difficult. But happy birthday to him anyway!

    Also, there is something about how you write that compels me to comment. I really don't comment on anyone else's blog. Like ever. And I find myself commenting here suspiciously often...

  2. Erin, I love it when you comment. Seriously. Continue.

  3. My hubby is also the same. HE didn't really care for birthdays before we were together. So I asked him, "WHAT IS WRONG WITH YOU?" I think I've fixed that. Maybe.


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