Tuesday, August 16, 2011

and your bird can sing

Stephen, off to his first day of becoming a lawyer. Yes, that's a Star Wars lunch pale.

And so begins the Great Experiment. Can I, left to my own devices, at home all day, get anything accomplished? Will the bed ever get made, will my hair ever get done, will the dog ever get fed, and will I ever start the actual work from home work I've been talking about for so long? Or will it be nonstop hulu and snacking? I hate goals. They always disappoint me. But maybe they're necessary? Because I think the only way I'll vaccuum is if I make a goal to vaccuum.


  1. Also, if you get ants. You will vaccuum if you get ants. I learned that very quickly. Plus side to ants: your house always looks as clean as a show home.

  2. Maybe I should get some ants.

  3. Snacking leads to ants. Stick to your original plan.


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