Wednesday, August 10, 2011


There was an unfortunate incident. My super intelligent mobile device and my water bottle were sharing space in my handbag. But I guess the water wasn't down with cohabitation. Or maybe my phone smelled and needed a bath. Regardless, the water attacked the phone, and the phone, after a 3 day fight, has finally given up the ghost. So now I'm using Stephen's old Samsung switch blade phone circa 2007. It's not the worst thing that's ever happened to me. It's probably good to not be connected to EVERYTHING ALWAYS. Plus, I'm back to the hilarious days of T9 wherein takes three times as long to text because "don't" is always "foot" "no" is "on", and "Morley" is "fakdj;kj", or whatever. The real downside is that I lost about a million pictures of Ollie, and a large majority of my contacts. Stephen had a few of them already (mutual friends, obvs), but if you and Stephen are not friends, 1. you should be, and 2. I need your number. But don't post it in the comments, because I don't want those creepy Anonymous commenters who post about male enhancement to track you down. Email me your digits. Unless you've been looking for a way to fall out of contact with me. Problem solved for you.

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