Monday, August 15, 2011

as i hit the kill switch

The best inspiration hits in the shower. (Don't worry, this is a kiddy clean post.)
This morning while rinsing I had the best idea for an ironic T-shirt.
Picture this: An illustration of an iron, and next to it, written in super hip typography, "iron-y." Get it? As in an adjective. Not irony, iron-y, as in sharing the same characteristics as an iron. It's ironic, but then again, it's not. When I explained this to Stephen he gave me a blank stare which is never a good sign, but whatever. I need someone to make this shirt for me so it can sit in my closet and never be worn, since I have a hard time wearing clothing with words on it.


  1. My best inspiration hits in the shower, too.

  2. The shower is a literal think tank. Courtney, I'm glad to know I have one customer.


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