Wednesday, August 24, 2011

runnin' just as fast as we can

I'm embarrassed about yesterday's post. I was really tired, but I really wanted to blog about baby girl. The result was ugly and didn't make a ton of sense, so I've learned my lesson. But yay! Baby girl! I have never in my entire life enjoyed a visit to the Doctor, but I love my prenatal appointments. When Dr. N told me he was going to do an ultrasound, I actually cheered. There's nothing cooler than getting a peek inside my belly and watching the little one move around. And she moves a lot. It was hard to get a picture because she was so wiggly, so I guess she reacts to caffeine the same way I do (I had a diet coke before the appointment). She did pause long enough for Dr. N to determine that yes, she is a she (woot!), and that she's a week older than what was originally predicted (math has always been hard for me). I'm 18 weeks, not 17, and due January 26. I spent many hours after the appointment looking at little dresses and tights and hair accessories online.

I've been watching a lot of Mad Men. One might say I've been watching too much Mad Men. So it's not a surprise that Jon Hamm made an appearance in my dreams. I was watching him perform in a production of Pride and Prejudice. He played the role of Mr. Darcy, because my dream world is a perfect world. The only problem was that whenever he was supposed to say a line, all he said was "Bzzz". Elizabeth would say something Jane Austeny, and then Hamm would respond with "Bzzz". I remember thinking "That's awesome, you go Don Draper!". Then I woke up and Ollie's snoring sounded just like the Jon's Bzzzing.
There is no moral to this story.


  1. i just started watching mad men because i knew you liked it. and it's on instant viewing. watching it makes me feel stylish and for the first time in my life i want to take up smoking. don't tell my mom.

  2. It will make you want to start lots of things that you probably shouldn't...


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