Monday, August 29, 2011

certainly certainly

There is no bad part of a banana cream pie. With most food there are good and bad parts. Parts that you seek out, like the mushrooms in an omelette, and parts that you avoid like the bone on a pork chop. But every part of banana cream pie is delicious, and I don't really even like bananas. I do, however, like bananas covered in vanilla pudding and whipped cream placed atop a graham cracker crust. Is it the perfect food? It just may be. Did the two of us eat half a pie in one sitting? I don't want to talk about it.

I had always heard that pregnant women become extra emotional. I thought that meant getting upset really easily. I envisioned myself furiously breaking plates and bawling and making Stephen fear for his life. But it hasn't been like that. Instead, I am moved all the freaking time.  It takes very little to give me goosebumps and misty eyes. So little in fact, that I cried at the end of School of Rock. I cried when I heard Beyonce was pregnant. I cried thinking about the Kennedy assassination. I cried shopping for baby clothes online. I've turned into one of those people that I used to look at in disbelief and ask, "Why are you crying?!" and one one of those people who answers, "Because the cat on the commercial is enjoying his Fancy Feast so much!".


  1. When you say the two of you ate half the pie, did you mean you and Stephen, or you and baby?

  2. agreed to banana cream pie. and post-break up I get the same way...

  3. Stephen and I. So I guess the three of us.

  4. haha! I love banana cream pie too. sooooo good.


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