Tuesday, April 3, 2012

You're makin me sing...

Here's where you can hear last Friday's Porch performance:
It's the entire episode. I'm first (at 10 minutes in). Joanna Brooks is last. If you're going to listen to the whole thing, I'll warn you that there is some adultish material in Joanna's story.

Storytelling is TERRIFYING. My voice was obviously trembling, and this was the better of two renditions that night. I can sit here and write for hours with all the confidence in the world. But to look at faces and present my work and wait for a reaction...that's intense.


  1. AWESOME! First of all, you were great and I love your story. Secondly, even writing is often terrifying to me, so the fact that you're brave enough to perform your stories is incredible!

  2. I just listened to the whole show, and I am totally kicking myself for forgetting about it last weekend! PLEEEEEASE come again sometime! You were so great.

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  4. last try had a typo :) Loved your story! I could see it all as you told it.


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