Monday, April 9, 2012

Necessity is the mother of invention. Also, hoarding.

Over the weekend I saw Hoarders for the first time ever.  So gross. So awesome. So making me paranoid. Why do we have five pillows on our couch?! Why am I keeping all of these Nordstrom bags?! How long has that honeybutter been in the fridge?! From what I can tell, hoarding is a slippery slope, that can start with one too many bottles of lotion or a compulsive need to buy groceries. I'll admit it, Safeway is my happy place and I'm there usually once a day. And I don't always need that bag of cadburry eggs I bring home. Ok fine. I never need that bag of cadburry eggs I bring home. Maybe one day you'll see me on A&E, surrounded by dirty laundry and discarded food containers, and with a a look of shame I'll say "I just couldn't stop buying ramen noodles", and you'll turn to whoever you're watching the show with and say "Hey! I read her blog!"

Although watching Hoarders did cause a major loss in appetite, it didn't stop me from playing one of my favorite cooking games that I like to call "Making a recipe without half of the ingredients" in which I don't feel like driving to the store because I'm that lazy I want to conserve gas, and I google food substitutions, proving once again that it's impossible to live without the internet, and I bake something that sort of resembles what the original recipe was meant to create.

Yesterday it was these:

This photo is Martha's not mine.

From this recipe: but instead of honey I used Karo syrup and instead of dark brown sugar I used light with molasses and the cocoa was not dutch process. Were they delicious? Yes. Were they as delicious as what they could have been had I made the effort to purchase the required ingredients? Who cares?! How many ?!s are in this blog post? I'm afriad to count?!?!?!?!?!?!?!

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  1. I love the ingredients substitution game! I've been hooked on your blog since The Porch. It was fun to catch up!


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