Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Move along, baby haters

What's up blue eyes?

No, seriously. This child has the bluest eyes I've ever seen. If you were stranded on a raft in the very middle of the ocean, the color of the surrounding sea would be the color of Ivy's eyes. Sometimes I half expect sharks swim across her pupils.

She's taken to giggling, thereby giving us a pretty good indication of her likes and dislikes.
Things Ivy finds hilarious:
-Getting dressed. Who knew leggings were such a kick? Get it?
-Me. I must be the funniest mother alive. Or I always have food on my face or something.
-Stephen. She laughs at all his jokes. It's good someone does... jk jk jk.
-Nap time.
-Play time.
-Clean diapers.

Things Ivy does not find hilarious:
-Dirty diapers. I wouldn't be thrilled with sitting in that stuff either.
-Empty tummy. Again, who can blame her?
-Church. It's not meant to be funny I suppose, but why does it make her scream?
-More than five people in a room. She seems to have inherited my social anxiety.
-Baths. She gives me the most heartbreakingly hilarious look, like "WHAT DID I EVER DO TO YOU?"
-Shots. Just heartbreaking. Hell has to be watching infants get immunized on repeat. So terribly sad.

The nurse administering the immunizations yesterday said of Ivy, "This baby is very aware." She's right. Ivy seems abnormally alert and incredibly sensitive to her surroundings. She knows when you walk out of a room. She knows when she's not home. She knows who her parents are. And goodness we love her so.

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