Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Maybe I should just unsubscribe

Sometimes BabyCenter sends me emails like this:

And I have to ask myself, what kind of mother am I if I delete this email?
I know that the 11 dangerous car seat mistakes parents make are really stupid. That it's going to say "The car seat should never be strapped to the roof of your's not Mitt Romney's dog." Ha! Political joke! I'm topical! But seriously. The dangerous mistakes referred to include not putting your baby in the car seat, not strapping the car seat into the car, etc. I get it. I learn nothing new from these bulletins. Yet I open them every time because what if I don't open one and something terrible happens that could have been prevented by reading the BabyCenter Baby Bulletin? That must be how their business model works. Preying on paranoia.

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