Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Would it kill you to take a shower, hippies?

Yesterday we went to an Obama campaign speech at CU. To some I know I might as well have said, "yesterday we went to a secret communist gathering where we slaughtered kittens." The vile, corrupt topic of his speech? Education and its importance to America's future. THE HORROR. Seriously though, be you a democrat or a republican, the chance to see the President of the United States is pretty incredible. So incredible that I waited in line for three hours to get a ticket. Lucky for me, I was waiting next to The World's Greatest Baby Expert (self proclaimed). I learned all about the evils of the Baby Bjorn (after I told her we owned one), the importance of teaching your infant sign lanuage and the importance of nursing (while I was giving Ivy a bottle). I pulled out my ipad and put on my most serious face to appear to be working and not have time to chat while really I just refreshed Facebook over and over. Still worth it to get the ticket. When I really started to doubt my commitment to the event was while sitting in the un-air-conditioned CU auditorium among ten-thousand Boulderites. Boulder is known for many things, but meticulous hygiene is not one of them. To be fair, only one person shouted out "legalize pot!" during the speech.

All in all I'm glad I went. For the first time really in my life, the way our government is run actually makes a difference in my day-to-day life. after receiving no less than twenty hospital invoices, I suddenly have opinions on healthcare. And the raising of student loan interest would certainly effect our future. So I'm paying attention to what the people in charge have to say about these things.

I marked my party as unaffiliated when I registered to vote. I guess I like being wooed by the candidates, especially now that we live in a swing state.  And I appreciated Mr. O paying a visit. So, your move, Mitt.

This woman needs no wooing. All thos blurred objects are Obama pins.


  1. Glad the kitten slaughtering went well... haha, very nice. That lady is awesome.

  2. I love that you went. I wouldn't have missed it either.

  3. "Legalize pot" may have only been shouted once, but it got really good applause.

  4. "Legalize pot" may have only been shouted once, but it got really good applause.


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