Thursday, April 26, 2012

Easy as 123

3 months! Woot!

It kills me that there is now an entire box of clothes that Ivy will never fit into again. It kills me that she's nearly doubled in size. It kills me that it's already been three months.
But the more she grows, the more fun we have.
Ivy, or Ives, as we usually call her, enjoys a good conversation. She listens intently as you speak then babbles a reply, usually accompanied by a smile or giggle. She often speaks and laughs to herself while she's supposed to be napping. She fights those naps, rubbing her eyes in exhaustion but refusing to fall asleep in case she misses something exciting. She still hates church. And while she doesn't scream during baths now, she doesn't care for them:

She loves the great outdoors and can usually be calmed from any freakout with a walk around the block.
She reaches out to touch Ollie's fur, our faces, and her own feet, and she's slowly starting to play with toys.
She's incredibly tall, and though her belly is round and her cheeks chubby, she's pretty thin for her age. 

In three months she's gone from a scrawny littl creature functioning only on reflexes to a delightful, tiny human being with a the sweetest disposition.

Totes Adorbs.


  1. Oh my goodness, she is so cute! Charlotte is also growing out of clothes faster than I can put them away in bins, hence the pile of baby clothes in our spare room. Its ridiculous. Isn't it the best when they learn to smile:)?

  2. She is so incredibly darling Meg. I am so happy for you guys! I'm sure your family hates so much they don't get to see her as often as they'd like. Sure hope you guys are doing well.

  3. Oh that tub picture! Poor babe!

  4. Rachael, Thanks! It's amazing how fast they grow, isn't it?
    Carly, It's so good to hear from you. It does drive my family crazy.
    Erin, I know. So sad/hilarious.
    Jaclyn, So nice. Thank you

  5. She is completely darling. I'm sad already that my babies are growing (although I imagine getting more sleep will eventually be nice).

  6. Asley, thank you. it's amazing how quickly they grow. And they'll sleep well soon.


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