Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Ooh la la la

I think the good people behind the counter at 7-11 are the only beings on the planet who would smile at me while I count out $1.43 in nickels (and three pennies).


  1. Ready for the creepiest comment ever! I've been reading you blog since Oct 22, 2009 and you don't know me. I finally wanted to comment and tell you how much I like reading your blog. It makes me want to be funnier and write more. If I could remember how I even found it I'd tell you. Probably through facebook during one of those stalking sessions where I come-to from the fog to find myself clicking through 200 photos of perfect strangers. I see you know Erin Chapman, but I doubt I found your blog through her. Consider this not just a comment but a compliment... a commonplament.

  2. Were you filling up big gulp with diet coke?


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