Wednesday, January 6, 2010

just fakin and frontin

Remember the duel between Merlin and Mad Madame Mim in The Sword and the Stone? Merlin ultimately wins by transforming himself into a virus and infecting Mim. Mim is then green and covered in purple spots, lying in bed with a thermometer in her mouth. Yesterday I woke up looking just like that. And I couldn't remember any recent duels with Wizards so I panicked. And googling "rash and flu symptoms" led me to believe I was soon to die from spinal menangitis or lyme disease. An emotional breakdown and few hours later, a nurse stuck a large needle in my bum to get rid of the strep virus that was making me grouchy and splotchy, neither of which is very becoming. I don't mind shots as long as I don't have to think about what's going on. But this nurse wasn't about to let this happen. During the seemingly 2 minutes it took to inject the antidote she kept making comments like "Yeah, this is a rough one. The consistency of Elmer's glue. You're lucky we warmed it up for you." Delightful.


  1. did you also wake up going "i haaaaaate sunshine! i hate it! i hate hate hate...!!"

  2. This was almost like an episode of House

  3. an image so well constructed I knew exactly what you were talking about. that's when illustration has done it's job. 20 years later, and it's vivid as ever.


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