Tuesday, January 5, 2010


Why having the flu is maybe a good thing:

*I'm overcoming my fear of death. On the average, healthy day, I'm rarely fond of the idea of dying. But lately at that very first moment of awareness in the morning when the effects of nyquil have worn off, I've thought "I've had a good run. Maybe it's time to go."

*The extreme temperature swings are almost like a sauna. And it's such a delightful surprise, profusely sweating in the dead of winter. Man, I am so lucky.

*Hallucinogenic dreams without hallucinogenics.

*My Tylenol consumption is keeping the medical economy on solid ground.

*Class? Psh. It's not like I'm trying to graduate or anything.

*I'm taking advantage of culturally enriching experiences that I would otherwise be too busy for. Like; The E True Hollywood Story- Angelina Jolie, What Not to Wear, and Mars Attacks.

*The way in which I speak is no longer boring and coherent, but instead ambiguous, and if I may so so myself, poetic. "Sleep, I have more fondue."

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