Tuesday, January 26, 2010

In West Philadelphia

BYU just sent me this:

"Who’s Your Champion?

Each year, BYUSA seeks to recognize five outstanding individuals from the BYU community for their genuine commitment, example, integrity, and contributions to others by presenting them with one of the university’s most prestigious service awards: the Brigham Award.

Nominations for this award are now being accepted at http://brighamawards.byu.edu, and nominations will close on Friday, Feb. 5. All current BYU students, faculty, and staff are eligible. Nominees must abide by the Honor Code.

Recipients will be announced April 13, 2010, at this year’s Unforum in a special video presentation.

Nominate at http://brighamawards.byu.edu

Questions? brighamawards@byu.edu

Which reminds me of voting for Prom King and Queen, and how we'd always try to get one of our friends crowned, but it turned out that we just didn't have that many friends and we just weren't that influential so we'd shrug our shoulders and go back to playing tetris or making smoothies.


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  2. Rachel was runner-up for Homecoming Queen when she obviously should've been crowned. Now it all makes sense. I hope your smoothie was worth it, though.

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