Wednesday, January 20, 2010

My daddy says I'm fine

We don't like things that don't belong. Sesame Street teaches us that one of these things is not like the other. So we don't like the one square among the three circles. It's not right. It belongs with the other squares. Just like mold belongs in blue cheese, not in bread. And dirt is lovely in the garden but horrific beneath my fingernail. Cookies in the cabinet, not in the bed. I don't know about that one actually. I think i would feel okay advocating the rights of cookies, maybe holding a picket sign reading "Oreos deserve a good night's sleep." Because it's prejudice really. Maybe the square has always felt more like a circle. And who are we to say "Sorry, you were born a square, so a square you must remain." It's forsaking the American Dream.


  1. Love the post and the shoulds and should nots. I'm all about cookies in bed.

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  3. . . . at least I'm pretty sure that's the source of your title, but just to make sure you weren't making some other pop-culture reference I was unaware of (which was likely) I googled "my daddy says I'm fine." You came up second. First was this guy:

    Thanks, meg.

  4. amy winehouse. that's who I thought was the source of your title. K, now you got three comments for the price of one because I don't know how to embed links in comments and I'm a moron. thanks meg.


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