Monday, January 11, 2010

I fought the law and the law won

I know that the best way to be a better writer is to write, even on days when I have nothing to say.
I have nothing to say today.
And I doubt you want to read about the snooze button, hit 7 times.
Or about my trip to the bank where I had to trust a stranger with $100 cash, to be deposited later.
Or about how in most classes I hate the kids who talk a lot, but in my creative writing class I'm that kid.
Or about lunch in the MOA, and Stephen hating mayo and me getting to eat the rest of his mayo laced sandwich.
Or about Art History, and the patrons who paid to be worshiped, and how I wondered if that's an option still available because I might be interested?
Or about the parking attendant who told me I can't park in the faculty parking, only to sneak past him and park there and drive away ticket-free. Hehe. Sucka.
Or about my history of print homework (I don't want to read about that either).
Yeah, not my best.


  1. last semester i complained about the class talkers all the time and i totally was one. except i like to think that my comments were definitely more intelligent than theirs were.

  2. it seems that most people hate the class talkers, except for the classes that they are one.

    or at least, i am definitely one of those people also.

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