Monday, July 23, 2012

And so it ends.

Did anyone else notice how Jef with one F repeatedly said "I've never loved a girl this much"? Did anyone else find it odd that he had to specify Emily's gender? Just me? Ok.

I have no idea what Jef said while presenting the ring to Emily. I went to the bathroom when it started, came back, and he was still talking. Grabbed a snack, came back and he was still talking. Traveled to Siberia, came back, and he was still talking. That last one might be an exaggeration, but it was seriously the. longest. proposal. Followed be the. most. hilarious. montage.

Oh, that montag. Peter Cetera's The Glory of Love from Karate Kid II served as the soundtrack for Emily and Jef's finest, out of focus moments (one skateboard trick, one creepy puppet show, and lots of kissing). Way to spend the big bucks on tunes, ABC.

Let's talk about Jef's hair. I wonder if he tells his hairdresser, "Give me nightly news anchor, minus the sides."
I would pay to know his secret to good volume. Especially on those humid islands. How do you do it, Jef?

Let's talk about Arie. I hope they paid that guy a ton of money because I can't imagine anything worse than sitting next to the person who dumped you and hearing why they like someone else better. On national television. Either the contracts these people sign are iron-clad, or Arie is really hoping to be the next Bachelor.

If I were a drinker, I think my favorite drinking game would be to take a shot every time Chris Harrison says his name. By the end of last night I would have been completely plastered. Good thing Bachelor Pad starts tonight so I don't have to go more than 24 hours without hearing Chris Harrison say, "I'm Chris Harrison."


  1. My viewing group remarked on the obsession that the bachelor/ette has with coming to "After the Final Rose" with a totally new hair-do. It's bangs, or it's a bob, or some facial hair was removed/added. Emily's extensions did her NO favors last night. Hopefully perfectly coifed Jef can guide Emily to better hair pastures in their long life together.

  2. That guy served in my mission. I didn't know him very well, though.


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