Monday, July 30, 2012

You aint got no cheese

There are some major differences between Colorado and Maryland. Colorado is dry, and Maryland is a sauna. When I look out my window in CO, I see a a green prairie. When I look out my window in MD, i see a whole lotta buildings. When I visit the grocery store back home, I never hear arguments. When I visit the grocery store here, I always hear arugments.
In the past week I've heard the following three statements while in or headed to the local grocer.

"You come to town, you wanna hang out, and you spend all my money..."

"You aint got no cheese. You didn't buy any cheese. GO GET THE CHEESE."

"You got a hold of my daughter-in-law because you saw a weakness, B****"

That last one was the best because the accusation came from a lady who was neither on the phone nor standing near any female dogs or anyone who looked capable of getting a hold of her daughter in law.

There's no way picking up some diet coke, baby food and tortilla chips will be this exciting when wee head back west in two weeks. TWO WEEKS?! It's too soon to leave. We really love it here. And while I'm looking forward to being in our spacious apartment and wide open spaces again, we will truly miss this place and the adventures we have every day. Now I need to go get the cheese cause I aint got no cheese.


  1. so I only REALLY went to Maryland twice: first for a volleyball tournament at the University of Maryland, which was so so beyond beautiful. Then for this really sad immigration case... on that second trip I finally understood why people call that place "a mess." Woah. And this cracked me up.

  2. Brittney, it's the most entertaining mess ever.

  3. I watch Steve on cspan every night.


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