Thursday, July 26, 2012

But here's her number

6 months.
I know right? How can Ivy be that old already? I'm just as shocked as you.
In the past month Ivy celebrated her first Fourth of July, took her first plane ride, and tasted her first french fry.
She decided that Ollie is hilarious, banana baby food is delicious, peas are grody, and baseball is too loud.
She rolls over like it's her job, spends most the day in her bumbo and is getting close to sitting on her own.
She finally has chubby thighs and cheeks that are no match against gravity
She puts everything in her mouth. The shower curtain, paper towels, my phone, my hair, Stephen's glasses, her stroller straps, books and the mail.
She loves watching the elevator floor number change and is fascinated by the exit sign in the hallway.
She glares at strangers unless they smile.
She bounces her feet if she likes a song, looks bored if she doesn't.
She has to be in just the right position before she'll fall asleep in her crib. It's usually a solid fifteen minutes of tossing and turning before she finds that perfect spot.
She'll fake being tired and then talk to herself while lying down. We all need alone time I guess.

Yesterday I had a few brutal working hours. Ivy sat patiently and played, then slept, then played some more. She occasionaly babbled, but never cried. When I finished the many tasks at hand, she seemed to recognize that I had a rough few hours, and turned on her baby charm. She cooed and giggled and reached for my face. It was just what I needed and for the millionth time I felt completely thrilled to have this tiny little person in my life.

And now, a million pictures:


  1. Ivy is one of the cutest babies EVER! Seriously. She's adorable. :D

  2. I'm DYING over her. She's so so cute. Love that swimsuit.

  3. Thanks! The swimsuit is from Target.


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