Thursday, July 7, 2011

they lipgloss sheep

I love this. I love that there is not only a picture of the animal whose flavor this cup of noodles is based on, but the animal is also smirking as if to say "Go ahead, eat this cup of noodles with a flavor based on the taste of me." There's no beef in the cup. I read the ingredients.The little brown chuncks are soy protein (YUM). Maybe they included the illustration to help non-english speakers distinguish between the various cup-o flavors, even though I'm willing to bet all flavors have the exact same ingredients. The shrimp flavor icon looks a lot like a chubby worm, so sales of that variety are probably down. Or maybe there's a market for chubby worm cup-o-noodles. You never know.
Anyway, this is my favorite food lately.

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